14 agosto 2010

World Tour 2010 - Hartford, CT – 13 de agosto

Live Twitters:
UniqueMakis – BellaNicola – jonasslover328 – carissabeam – Court_Marquardt – allycaple – Nikturnerr – MelissaPerleoni – ErikaMichele – summernags – abbeywallace – Jenweber21

Official Twitters:
joejonas: Morning people. Let’s sing.
Joejonas: Stopping for a mid game snack http://yfrog.com/ng7q2bj\
Joejonas: Road dogs win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Canciones: (las listas cambian para cada concierto)
-Alyson Stoner:
Make History
-Camp Rock cast:
Start the party
We rock
Get Back
La La land
Remember December
Catch me
Don’t forget
Got dynamite
Here we go again
-Demi + Camp Rock cast:
Brand new day
Can’t back down
It’s not too late
It’s on
Bounce (antes de que los chicos suban al escenario)
-Jonas Brothers:
Feelin’ alive
Hold on
Year 3000
Play my music
Heart & Soul
Introducing me
Gotta find you
This is me (con Demi)
Wouldn’t change a thing (con Demi)
LA Baby
Drive my car (cover)
Who I am
Fly with me
Hello Beautiful (Cambiaron California por Connecticut)
Turn Right
Biggest Fan
Before the Storm
Please be mine
Burnin’ Up



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