06 enero 2010

Cobertura - NJ&TA - Washington, DC

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TheH0rns @nickjonas Do your thing babyboi! Let your music speak to the world. You’re a blessed young man. Get HYPE and let’s make some music.
dianebirch Driving to DC listening to electic light orchestra
nickjonas My new video is up on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiPyn0JMqRM
dianebirch LMAO watching eric(my trumpet player) doing his Bloodsport impersonations!!
TheH0rns Look for Garrett and Ray playing on the opening song of the People’s Choice Awards tomorrow night!
Rob_Hoffman Does that make me crazy? Possibly
dianebirch RT @steviegpro: S-Curve is giving away 5 pairs of tix to tomorrow’s Nick Jonas & Diane Birch show in DC. Enter here: http://bit.ly/6jFIMR
dianebirch Damn we’ve been in this van since 9:30am….ouch
dianebirch Almost to DC

- 7pm EST. Diane Birch comenzp!
- 8pm EST. Nick Jonas an The Administration van a rockear la casa!
- Aparentemente, Maya está ahí.
- Tenía la letra de 'Fireflies' con él en el escenario. Ya era hora, Nicholas. Retruécano previsto.
- "Tú eres todo lo que te crees que eres".
- Llevar una pandereta en el escenario?
- Está cantando una canción que escribió la noche anterior! Genio de la música
- Nick está conduciendo un canto Sonny. Bromance.
- Parece que DC ha sido la multitud mas fuerte por el momento. Asi es!
- Siempre hay próximo año para los Pieles Rojas. Eso es lo que dijo Nick.
- 9.40pm EST. Concierto acabado. El siguiente, NYC!

Last time around
State of emergency
Olive and an Arrow
While the world was spinning
The way you make me feel
Use Somebody
Before the storm (solo version)
Black Keys / ALBL
Vesper’s Goodbye
Conspiracy Theory
Signed Sealed Delievered (I’m yours) – Stevie Wonder cover
Tell me that you will stay (?)
Rose Garden
Who I am



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