21 enero 2010

Cobertura - NJ&TA - Minneapolis, MN

Live Twitters:

Official Twitters:
Rob_Hoffman - Just arrived in Minneapolis. A town run by a 5′0″ dude in purple velvet and a former professional wrestler. Should be fun.
joejonas - http://twitpic.com/z1ln2 – Roomie Dinner Night Was a huge success!
YungRyFunk - @joejonas @greggarbo @jacklawless I’m a little jealous and upset i wasn’t invited. Don’t try the whole “You don’t live in LA” excuse on me!
YungRyFunk - Hey gang, how bout me and my band open for @nickjonas today in the land of Funk!
Rob_Hoffman - How many times I’ve said “hey ryan!” to @YungRyFunk today: 9
Rob_Hoffman - True Story: I was in the back lounge listening to Vampire Weekend and Sonny T asked me if it was something I recorded. I said yes.
Rob_Hoffman - I get to see @mo_wonderland tomorrow. This makes pretty much anything that could happen today bearable. And @YungRyFunk is here. Hey Ryan!
YungRyFunk - Words can’t describe… http://twitpic.com/z4qju
bandbusdriver72 - @YungRyFunk have fun Ryan, the dressing room sign looks great.
nickjonas - Hey Minneapolis! We just added about 40 tickets to the show tonight… So if you couldn’t get tickets before you can get them now!
Rob_Hoffman - it’s time for The Rule. i don’t think i’ve ever been this excited in my life.
strawberrius - Ryan and the rule http://twitpic.com/z51cs
JohnLloydTaylor - Just watched Ryan and the Rule open for @nickjonas it made me very happy inside.
JohnLloydTaylor - Just sat in with @nickjonas and the Administration in Minneapolis. It was totally radical.

- La banda de Ryan Liestman, The Rule, es el acto de apertura de NJ&TA esta noche!
- JT tambien esta esta noche!
- 8.00pm EST. The Rule esta en el escenario!
- 8.25pm EST. The Rule ha acabado. A la espera de Diane!
- 8.35pm EST. Diane Birch comenzo.
- 9.10pm EST. El acto de apertura termino. Lugar para NJ&TA!
- 9.35pm EST. NJ&TA en el escenario!
- John Taylor toco la guitarra durante ‘Stay’.
- Ha mencionado a los fans que abalanzaron sobre él en el escenario en Filadelfia y algunos espeluznante hombre de 50 años? Whaaaat?
- 11.11pm EST. El show ha teminado.

Last time around
Olive and an arrow
State of emergency
While the world was spinning
Use Somebody
Catch Me
You Belong with me
What did I do to your heart
Black Keys / ALBL
Vesper’s Goodbye
Conspiracy Theory
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m yours)
Rose Garden
Who I am



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