13 diciembre 2009

Cobertura - World Tour - San Juan

Live Twitters:
Dirty Mind
Pierina Ortiz

Official Twitters:
TheH0rns Puerto Rico, we are very sad to say that TheH0rns will not be there for the show on the 13th. When the show was rescheduled it conflicted with work we already had. Last time we were there we didn’t get to play but we had one night. Went to Old San Juan. Beautiful! Puerto Rico we love you! We will be back soon. Twitterfam we love you and thanks for all the support. Long day of work, but the work is all done. We will let you know when it airs so everybody can watch it. – TheH0rns
JohnLloydTaylor “And love is not convenient; it does not cease at your command. You might take and leave it, but love is all I am. Love is all I am.” Dawes
Rob_Hoffman Oh hello morning
nickjonas Up really early to get on a plane to San Juan! Can’t wait to go to sleep on the plane, and I can’t wait for the show tonight!
nickjonas Landed in San Juan!
greggarbo last jb concert of the decade tonight. puerto rico, get ready
JohnLloydTaylor I’m in Puerto Rico. I love Puerto Rico. Last JB show of this decade tonight.
JohnLloydTaylor To Clarify: this decade ends on New Years Eve… 2010 is the start of a new decade.
YungRyFunk Where’s Ricky Martin?
nickjonas San Juan you rocked! Thanks for a night we’ll never forget.
greggarbo some things never change: http://twitpic.com/tfkzf
YungRyFunk @greggarbo yeah, he won’t stop trying to steal my look. I’ve got my laywer on it.
itschristablack puerto rico…now THAT was the way to end the tour. you guys were incredible! now off to find really fattening food involving cheese…
Rob_Hoffman @YungRyFunk once a legend, always a legend.
JohnLloydTaylor Puerto Rico=Bulldozed Decade=Bulldozed
itschristablack The last supper. Love these boys. It been an unforgetable year.
itschristablack @yunkryfunk…i know @greggarbo is attractive, but there’s no need to hit on him. http://yfrog.com/4g8nolj
itschristablack They take long walks on the beach….http://yfrog.com/3726061248j
itschristablack They reach out for one another when they think no one is watching….http://yfrog.com/3lk3mnj
itschristablack @jacklawless and i found a coconut. The night is getting crazy for sure http://yfrog.com/4ixbbj
itschristablack Ry hated our coconut so much he threw it into the ocean http://yfrog.com/1dgr1yj

- Hoy es el ultimo concierto de los JB de la decada!
- 6.30 pm EST. El concierto comienza.
- 7.05 pm EST. Estan tocando Just Friends!!!!!!
- 7.20 pm EST. Shelf ahora!!
- 7.30 pm EST. Can’t Have You.
- 7.40 pm EST. Before The Storm. Nick canta solo.
- 7.45 pm EST. Video Girl. Creo que están haciendo un poco de popurrí de todas sus canciones, porque es el último concierto de la década.
- 7.50 pm EST. Pushing me away. Suertudas fan puertorriqueñas.
- Joe olvido muchas de las letras.
- Al parecer Kevin dijo "Yo soy Julio Iglesias y esto es SOS"
- Kevin acaba de romper su guitarra. Qué?!?!?!?
- 8.10 pm EST. El ultimo concierto de la decada termico.

Bounce intro
Poison Ivy
Hold On
Play My Music
Just Friends
Fly with me
Black Keys / A little bit longer
Year 3000
Gotta find you
Can’t Have You
Before the storm or Before the storm
Video Girl
Pushing me away
BB Good
Burnin Up



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