03 noviembre 2009

Cobertura - World Tour - Milan, Italia

Live Twitters:

Oficial Twitter:
TheH0rns Any recommendations on what to do in Milan? What u know?
greggarbo up next…italia for 5 days. back to the motherland
JohnLloydTaylor Off to Italy to eat great food and play some concerts.
JohnLloydTaylor I’m in Madrid on a layover… 6 AM and I still haven’t slept. Weak.
Rob_Hoffman just got into Milan to find out the Yankees are up 3-1. Oh yes my friends.
YungRyFunk We finally made to Milano, Italia! It was a long journey but I know the European fans are worth it.
itschristablack jet lag, i don’t like you very much. this is gonna be a long day in milan.
itschristablack rehearsing back on the round stage again. it’s like riding a bike…
itschristablack http://twitpic.com/o0ixc – we’re back in the round!!!
JohnLloydTaylor 40 hours awake. Goodnight.
TheH0rns Italia! Are you ready?!
itschristablack good morning milano!!!! i believe a fine espresso, some cheese, and possibly some killer fashion are in my near future. (sip, sip)

- El concierto está programado a las 8 pm, hora local, lo que significa que debe comenzar alrededor de las 2 pm EST.



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