24 noviembre 2009

Cobertura - World Tour - DUBLIN

Live Twitters:

Official Twitters:
Rob_Hoffman today flew by. almost only 4 more days until sunny LA!
Rob_Hoffman okay…now it’s only 4 days. sweeeet.
Rob_Hoffman left my iphone at the last hotel. thanks to the hotel manager who is having it driven over to my current hotel. he is a winner.
itschristablack early. headed. to. dublin. breakie. with. hubs. fish. n. chips. rain. holidays. studios. party.
itschristablack http://twitpic.com/qnc2n – Dublin is better with him, I must say.
itschristablack http://twitpic.com/qnd9y – i heart cobblestone streets…
TheH0rns Wuddup Dublin?!!! lookin 4 some good food. what to do???
greggarbo dear Emily Haines, let’s get dinner sometime.
Rob_Hoffman dublin is beautiful!
itschristablack new moon in dublin. (pasodifasdkvnas; iuhtawo;ejas ;ldknsa;dkjvna; eiha;oehgas ;dknvas;dsad) translation: AWESOME. pfffffff.
YungRyFunk Best day off yesterday on this tour in Dublin. Can’t wait for the show tonight. I’m glad to be in the homeland of my people.
itschristablack so apparently, according to my gran, i come from the Denegal clan in the north county of ireland. looks like i’m in the motherland…
TheH0rns We wanna see who’s gonna get crazy tonight!!
TheH0rns Twitter Fam, Two shows left, then we’re “At The Crib”!!
YungRyFunk Just to clarify, I have Irish heritage. Like all American’s, I’m a mutt. Not literally from Ireland, France, Germany, or England.
JohnLloydTaylor I love Ireland!
TheH0rns Those of u who got a chance to see the show, what did u enjoy the most? and what did u enjoy the least?
TheH0rns JB Fans r F*king Crazy!!!
TheH0rns Of course we meant it in a good way! We love yall, n appreciate the love yall show us. Yal r crazy though! LMFAO!!

- Acto de apertura: Valerius.
- 3.00pm EST Valerius comenzo!
- 3.20pm EST El acto de apertura termino, es lo que la gente quiere. Lugar para los JB!
- 4.10pm EST Bounce!
- Alguien lanzó un zapato a Joe.
- Ryan le puso un sombrero a Garbo.
- Llevaron a una niña drante Gotta Find You.
- 5.55pm EST concert is over. Only one more to go!

Bounce intro
We will rock you
Poison Ivy
Hold On
Play My Music
Fly with Me
Black Keys / ALBL
Much Better
Year 3000
I gotta feelin’ / Tonight
I gotta find you
Turn Right
Sweet Caroline
Live to party?
Video Girl
BB Good
World War III
Burnin’ Up



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