27 octubre 2009

Cobertura - World Tour - Caracas, Venezuela

- Credito JonasHQ y JonasBrothers-Larypoo -

Live Twitters:

Oficial Twitter:
TheH0rns Santo Domingo was live n rockin!! even in the rain. Venezuela!! Ready or Not, Here we come!!! Believe The Hype!!
JohnLloydTaylor The DR=Bulldozed Off to Caracas.
JohnLloydTaylor Sunrise http://yfrog.com/0levxrj
itschristablack breaking with @johnlloydtaylor, @carobuckman & @yungryfunk. lots of laughs with this crew, i tell you. off to venezuela in a bit..
Rob_Hoffman Venezuela even sounds cool.
itschristablack http://twitpic.com/n2veo – Venezuela, you are absolutely beautiful.
JohnLloydTaylor Caracas, by the pool http://yfrog.com/0331386753j
TheH0rns Venezuela!! who’s comin to show some love n have some fun tomorrow?
Rob_Hoffman it’s cool that there’s a bunch of people who found my photos from last night, and even cooler that they like them. thanks for the love guys.

- Los Jonas Brothers arribaron a Venezuela el lunes a la mañana


- OceanUP

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